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4 Ways to Brighten Up Your Home For Spring

pexels-photo-210552.jpegThe sun is shining once again, the temperature is steadily rising, and the flowers are at last beginning to bloom. It’s that time of year to make your home mirror mother nature and create a bright, open living space!

There are several ways to make your house, apartment, or rooms ready for spring and summer. Whether you make small changes, like adding more lighting options, or bigger changes, such as painting the walls a bold color, these tips will help you make your house as radiant as the sun.

Bold Walls and Neutral Furniture

The one-two punch for preparing your house for spring is to scale down the color of furniture and focus on the walls. Having minimal furniture and allowing space will help with the fluidity. The furniture you do have should be neutral in color.

On the contrary, your walls can be as bright and bold as you desire. Stay away from deep reds, browns, and other neutral colors during the warmer-weather months. Instead, choose bright yellows, oranges, and blues. If you don’t want to commit to painting all four walls a bold color, try painting an accent color that will make your other decor pop.

It’s All About the Lights

If you aren’t blessed with multiple windows in each room to bring in natural light during the day, it is time to improvise! You can achieve faux natural light by replacing your bulbs with LED lights, or by simply adding more small lamps and fixtures to each room

Flooring Options

The best type of floors for spring are hardwood floors, LVT, or tile. These three options are easiest to clean, as we all know the dirt that can be brought into the house after spending time outdoors. As a bonus, tile can feel cool on feet, which can be helpful as the temperature rises.

Carpet is a great option if you are planning a room that is the perfect combination of cozy and bright. However, no matter which flooring option you choose, it is best to stick with light colors. Lighter shades of LVT, hardwood, tile, or carpet are the best choices for this decor style

Need help choosing floors that will brighten up your home? We’ve got you covered! Check out our online catalog, stop by any of our locations, or call us today at 1-800-278-768.

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