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Skills You Need to Survive Home Ownership – Part I

If you’re a first-time home owner, you’ve likely figured out by now that your new home did not, unfortunately, come with an instruction manual. There may be no seminar to teach you the ins and outs of your home, but at some point you’ll need to hang a painting, unclog a sink or change a light

Tips for Cleaning Floors without Harsh Chemicals

Cleaning floors is one of the most tedious of all household chores – It brings to mind visions of Cinderella on hands and knees scrubbing away. It’s the reason that new floor cleaning systems and products are always popping up. Unfortunately, many of these products that promise sparkling clean floors with the greatest of ease are also terrible for the environment and our health.

How To: Redesign Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the soul of the home – The gathering place where family and friends meet to share a meal or a story, do homework and celebrate life’s little accomplishments. It only makes sense that your kitchen design be multi-functional enough to accommodate it all.

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