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The Best Summer Carpet Color Trends

We are officially into the dog days of summer. Like with every season, summer inspires various designs, color palettes, patterns, etc. for your home. No matter the color trend, the common themes for summer are bright and bold. We have created a list of carpet colors for Summer 2017 that will improve your design game immensely.  

How To Clean Your Carpet, Tile, Hardwood, and LVT Floors

Have you had trouble keeping your floors clean in the past? No matter what type of flooring you have in your home, it certainly requires some type of care and maintenance. Whether it’s carpet stains or dirt in your tile grout, we have cleaning solutions to keep your home fresh and clean!

Marble Flooring Trends

The Marble Trend 

You may be aware of the marble trend hitting department stores and home decor aisles, but did you know marble flooring has been around for hundreds of years? It has been an elegant and timeless flooring choice since the middle ages. Although marble may not be your go-to option for everyday flooring (versus carpet, hardwood, or LVT), it is a great choice for people who prefer more luxurious stone flooring.

9 Beautiful Floor Tile Patterns for Your Kitchen or Bathroom

Tile is a wonderful flooring choice for both kitchens and bathrooms. Not only does tile bring a touch of elegance, it also brings high durability and water resistance — two big important factors where there’s water and high traffic.

4 Ways to Brighten Up Your Home For Spring

The sun is shining once again, the temperature is steadily rising, and the flowers are at last beginning to bloom. It’s that time of year to make your home mirror mother nature and create a bright, open living space!

4 Design Guidelines To Make The Most Productive Home Office

Whether you’re working at home full-time or you just want to have a designated space to get extra work done, home office design is becoming extremely important in today’s society. Not only should this room reflect your personal style, but it should also encourage productivity, creativity, positive thinking and more. To help you create a space that incorporates all of these aspects, we have come up with 4 design guidelines for your home office:

Carpet Colors for a Cozier Home

So, you decided on carpet as your preferred flooring choice in your home. You are one step closer to redesigning your space from the ground up, but there is one last decision you have to make: what color carpet will you choose?

Make the Most Out of Your Space: How to Style Area Rugs

If you’re living in a small, yet cozy apartment, it might be hard to find the right flooring options to style your space; decorating a large room can prove difficult as well. While traditional flooring and carpet are still the most popular choices, always keep in mind that area rugs can suit any sized space. Here are some helpful guidelines to styling area rugs throughout your home:

The Best Flooring Options For Kids’ Rooms & Play Rooms

If you’re the parent of a young child, you might be considering replacing the floors of your children’s room or playroom. As you peruse the kid-friendly options, you may wonder if you’ll need to trade in your elegant stone flooring for colorful foam puzzle mats -- but worry not! There is no need to compromise cohesive style for safety. Here are three stylish, kid-friendly flooring options for your family to explore:

2017 Design Trends to Pair with LVT


With each new year comes new home design trends. Luxury vinyl tile, better known as LVT, is a popular, yet inexpensive type of flooring that will seamlessly accompany any design styles you choose. And, with a plethora of options of LVT, you can make a selection that not only pairs with up and coming interior design trends, but also with your own unique style. Below we’ve curated a list of design ideas that will wow every guest who enters your home this year!


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