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Carpet Colors for a Cozier Home

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 10.40.32 AM.pngSo, you decided on carpet as your preferred flooring choice in your home. You are one step closer to redesigning your space from the ground up, but there is one last decision you have to make: what color carpet will you choose?

Carpet is a great choice for everyone because it’s quiet, soft, and durable. However, the main reason carpet is a real winner is because of the endless color options there are. When you choose carpet, in comparison to hardwood or LVT flooring, you most likely are leaning towards a cozier theme for your home. We have curated a list of carpet colors and color schemes that would pair perfectly with any cozy space:


Neutral carpet color is the obvious, yet classic option for creating a cozy atmosphere to the house. Neutrals make a great base for the rest of your space because it’s so easy to match your furniture to neutral colors! There are also many options within the neutrals category that you could choose from. For instance, there are light neutrals to keep your space bright and airy (the colors white and light beige fall into this group), and there are darker neutrals, like dark brown or tan, which are great for basements or dens.

There are many people that don’t want to commit to a bold, bright color, therefore neutrals are the best option. The decor options are countless! You are able to switch up your decor at any time, and your neutral carpet color will always compliment it beautifully.

Warm Colors

If you think neutrals are too simple for your taste, then warm carpet colors could be your best option. Colors such as dark reds, oranges, even a warm yellow, could make the room feel extremely cozy, warm, and homey. Warm carpet colors give you the chance to express your sense of style with a fun color scheme, while still keeping it toned down, so it’s not overwhelming.

Warm colors pair great with neutrals, so if you are going for a more subtle color scheme, try a warm carpet color mixed with white and beige accent colors and decor pieces.


Pastels might not be the most traditional carpet color choice, but it can do wonders to make a modern room feel cozy. If your interior design style is more minimalist and contemporary, pastels could be the perfect choice for you. For an example, carpets with a hint of light pink, light blue or light grey can greatly improve the room’s atmosphere with just a subtle touch of color. For an extra touch, work pops of pastel throughout the space to carry on the theme for fluidity.

Flecks/Looped Carpet

If you don’t think you can commit to just one color, or maybe one color will not live up to your vision for your room, berber flecks or looped carpet could be the solution you’ve been looking for. Looped carpet comes in multiple color palettes, such as shades of neutrals, and even multi-colors . This can be a great option for people who want a more subdued decor design, and would rather have the carpet be the focal point of the room.

What color are you going to choose for your carpet? Check out our online catalog or stop by any of our locations or call us today at 1-800-278-7687 and we’ll help you choose the carpet color for your space!

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