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Make the Most Out of Your Space: How to Style Area Rugs

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 3.27.27 PM.pngIf you’re living in a small, yet cozy apartment, it might be hard to find the right flooring options to style your space; decorating a large room can prove difficult as well. While traditional flooring and carpet are still the most popular choices, always keep in mind that area rugs can suit any sized space. Here are some helpful guidelines to styling area rugs throughout your home:

Small But Mighty

When designing or styling a small living room, it’s important to not let your rugs outshine your other focal point decor pieces (or vice versa). Luxury rug creative director Suzanne Sharp explained to the Wall Street Journal that an area rug in the living room should be longer than the couch, but not too large. “A rug can also be too large, as when the rest of the stuff in the room starts to look small or overwhelmedsort of like a person wearing a coat that’s too big for them,” Sharp said.

Another option for smaller spaces with minimal decor is to buy several smaller area rugs with bold colors and patterns. These can be a wonderful stand out pieces in your living space when paired with more neutral design elements.

Large But In Charge

For a bigger space, such as an open floor plan with a combined living and dining room, the best option is using one large rug to create two separate rooms by placing the rug in one distinct living space. Or, to achieve the opposite effect, place the large rug in the center of the room..

For those who favor working with numbers and figures, Scot Meacham Wood, former Ralph Lauren home designer, created a method to determine the perfect rug size for your space. “Measure the size of the room and then subtract about one and a half feet,” Wood said. This strategy will leave about nine inches of “exposed flooring” on all sides. Wood advised that if you are choosing from standard size rugs and your measurements fall between two sizes, to always go with the larger option. (Helpful tip: we offer free in-home room measurements!)

Whether you are trying to make the most of your small rooms and create the appearance of more floor space, or striving to manage a large, open-concept space, area rugs can be the ideal solution! Come check out all of our options at any of our locations or call us today at 1-800-278-7687!

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