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The Best Flooring Options For Kids’ Rooms & Play Rooms

Rusmur Floors.pngIf you’re the parent of a young child, you might be considering replacing the floors of your children’s room or playroom. As you peruse the kid-friendly options, you may wonder if you’ll need to trade in your elegant stone flooring for colorful foam puzzle mats -- but worry not! There is no need to compromise cohesive style for safety. Here are three stylish, kid-friendly flooring options for your family to explore:

Area Rugs

Area rugs are a great compromise if you want to keep your favorite tile or hardwood, but still provide soft floors for your kids in the common areas where they play. Often, area rugs are also less expensive and removable! You can always remove the area rug, once your children are grown, or for special occasions.


Carpet is the classic safe choice for kids to run and play as they please without the risk of bumps or bruises. Children also tend to love carpeting because it’s just so cozy!

If you decide to choose carpet, you will give yourself many additional design options, but  whether you want to stick with a neutral color, or go for a more a bold choice, there is sure to be a color that your whole family will love. Another bonus for parents -- carpet is very quiet, so you’ll be less likely to hear their little feet running across the house throughout the day!

Vinyl/Bamboo Floors

If you are looking for a cost-efficient, trendy, yet safe option, vinyl (or LVT) and bamboo floors are also great options to consider for playrooms and kids’ rooms. For the flooring industry’s FloorScore, luxury vinyl tile tested “low levels of volatile organic compounds in comparison to other floors” (VOCs are connected to headaches, dizziness and other illnesses). Tests have also shown that bamboo flooring has “fended off the effects of foot traffic” just as well as the best vinyls and laminates. They are both extremely durable floors that can last through many years of playtime with the kids, but still keep your home in pristine condition.

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