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The Best Summer Carpet Color Trends

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 10.20.30 AM.pngWe are officially into the dog days of summer. Like with every season, summer inspires various designs, color palettes, patterns, etc. for your home. No matter the color trend, the common themes for summer are bright and bold. We have created a list of carpet colors for Summer 2017 that will improve your design game immensely.  

Vibrant Blue

Some of the first colors you probably think of when you think summer are shades of blue. Oceans, lakes, pools, the sky -- all things that associated with the summer months. Vibrant, or cobalt blue is a bold choice, and a smart one. Not only will you feel revived when you’re in a vibrant blue room, you will also be transported  to a tropical oasis, no matter your proximity to the beach. The color blue also has a calming effect, and we all hope for a calm and relaxing summer. Pair a blue area rug with white accents and you’ll feel as if  you jetted off to Greece for the summertime.

Bright Orange

Another color that runs parallel with the energetic feeling of summer? Orange. What’s better than coming inside from a long day in the pool and seeing bright glowing carpet? Or brightening up your mood on a rainy summer day with this bold color as a focal point in the room? Pair orange carpet or area rugs with toned down shades of yellow or pink for an extra summery design.

Pale Grey

For more subtlety, pale grey is an ideal choice. Pale grey still captures the whimsical, fresh feel of summer, while giving you the freedom to add accent colors of your choosing. Add decor that’s bold in color or stick with pastels -- either way, you’re house will feel like a great summer escape.


Similar to pale grey, the classic white carpet is a go-to for summer floors because it can be a great neutral against any colors you would like to accentuate. White carpet is clean, crisp and extremely on-trend. If you’re looking to maintain a classy, put-together interior design for the summer, white carpet would be the best choice.

What color carpet or area rugs are you going to choose for summer? Stop in at any of our locations to check out our abundant carpet and area rug options!


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